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First and Final Confessions
* Read 'The Question of Spooky Doom' first. *

"I had a lot of fun."

Vicki sent Wil a smile as the two made their way up the brickwork walk to her home's front door, holding hands. The 'boyfriend-girlfriend' act seemed so simple on television, but it had been one of the hardest changes in their relationship for Vicki to accept without blushing crimson and nervously laughing. "Yeah. Me, too. I'm glad that Hannah invited us. Who would have thought that a 'dinner mystery' could have been so funny?"

Wil's boyish and lopsided smile appeared as he met her gaze, giving her hand a soft squeeze. "Who knew a dead body could giggle so much?"

Flushing, Vicki gave his arm a nudge with her shoulder. Definitely doing her best to not let go of his hand. "I tried to be quiet, but it's hard when all my friends are making funny faces." She sent him a sidelong smile. "You did it too, you know."

"Of course I did. I've never seen a dead body before. Especially not one that looks as pretty as you do in purple."

She blushed darker, her cheeks burning as she feigned seriousness and corrected, "It's not purple. It's lavender. Purple is much darker."

Wil held her gaze, giving her hand another pressure as he continued to smile mischievously at her. "Who cares about the difference of purple and lavender? You still looked pretty for a dead body."

Vicki laughed. She couldn't help it. "Well, this dead body thanks you. It was hard to lie there on the floor acting dead. I was always afraid someone would step on my fingers."

"Yeah, I know. I had to grab Ray's arm a couple times to keep him from catching you on the elbow or arm." He sounded annoyed, and his brow had lowered a little bit, which made Vicki's smile change and 'the flutters' return. "I swear he doesn't have any idea what's happening six inches outside of his body."

Squeezing his hand and drawing his attention, she said, "Thank you."

The smile returned to his green eyes and handsome face. "No sweat." They arrived at the front door and Wil fully faced her, expression serious and a little regretful. "Cor, Hannah, and I are doing inventory at the shop this week after school, so I won't be able to come over at all. Not until I get you for church on Wednesday."

"I'll bring some sandwiches for dinner and give you some help. Mom wants me to clean my room and do some laundry, but after that I should be free."

"Nah. You don't have to do that. We'll be fine." His smile tilted at one side. "Of course, you make the best roast beef sandwiches ever, so if you want to I'm not going to say 'don't come'."

Vicki laughed while shaking her head at him. "You're so funny."

Wil's ears reddened a little, but his expression didn't change. "Just call before you come over so that we can unlock the front door. We won't hear you otherwise, being in the back and all."

Nodding, Vicki couldn't keep the smile from her face as she held his beautiful green eyes. It had always felt like she'd known him forever and ever, and now she was his girlfriend? It was surreal, even though they had been dating for weeks.

Wil held her gaze for a little longer before giving her hand a succession of squeezes while checking the time on his watch. "I guess I better go. It's eleven and I told Dad I'd be back before 11:30." He focused on her again, sending her his most charming smile. But then it seemed to change as she held his gaze, and he said, "You have a good night, Kiki," in a soft voice that gave her the shivers.

Vicki, she told herself, just breathe and talk and you'll be fine. "I will," she told him, barely able to hear the whisper. "You drive safely."

He seemed to nod absently, a hand reaching up to gently push a bit of loose hair from her cheek before he again met her gaze. "Thanks."

She could only incline her head once, not able to do much more than that as he slowly leaned in to give her the usual kiss on the cheek. A usual kiss that didn't happen. Instead, Wil stepped back, making Vicki blink up at him as she noticed his face as red as hers felt.

"Hey... um... Vicki?" he asked in an odd voice, immediately clearing his throat and rubbing at his neck while lowering his gaze to the porch.

"What's the matter?"

"Nothing, I just... Well... All night I've been... That is..." Again he cleared his throat, still scrubbing at his neck and only occasionally glancing her direction as he backed up clear against the porch railing. When the back of his legs suddenly came into contact with it, he twitched and gripped it with both hands.

Vicki smiled and came to stand beside him, pushing herself up to sit on the railing. She softly kicked her feet, watching the action to keep from meeting his green eyes. "What, Wil?" she prompted gently.

Wil let out a deep breath and propped himself up on the railing as well, crossing his arms as he stared down at the porch. "As much as it makes me sound like a 'guy', I've been wanting to kiss you all night."

Vicki felt his glance and continued to stare at her shoes. "Oh." She'd been wanting to kiss him longer than that, if she admitted it to herself. "So..?"

"So I don't know what's okay and what's not okay in the whole dating thing, with being a Christian and all. Everything's all upside down and inside out, or something." Wil threw up his hands. "I've been trying to figure out how to talk to you about it for two weeks, but it all sounded so stupid. So, I kept telling myself that I needed to wait. I mean, geez, you've only just stopped turning mega-red when I kiss you on the cheek and now I'm trying for a full-on kiss?" Wil grumbled as he once more leaned back against the railing.

Vicki forced herself to look over at him this time, very aware of how sappy her smile was as he almost reluctantly met her gaze. "You're so sweet."

His expression relaxed and he actually chuckled, his face flaming clear to his hairline. "I don't feel 'sweet' at all, Vicki. You wouldn't believe the things I've tried to do to get you to kiss me."

Laughing, Vicki tightened her hold on the railing. "I wondered," she admitted. Then, when he focused on her again, she shook her head. "I don't know how to kiss, Wil." It was nice to finally have the confession out into the open.

Wil looked at her in complete surprise. "What do you mean?"

"I mean I only know the basics: lips on lips." Face burning 15 shades of red, she forced herself to keep looking into his eyes. "I've never been kissed."


She shook her head again. "Not even once."

Wil focused ahead. "Oh."

Vicki watched his profile for a moment before releasing a sigh and resting her cheek on his arm. "I tried to ask Mom and Dad about it, and when it would be a good time and all, but she said it's just one of those things that we have to decide together. She and Dad kissed on their third date and found it made 'resisting temptation' harder, so they only kissed on the cheek. Of course, she was married before, so I guess that makes a lot of difference."

"Yeah. I guess it would." Wil wrapped an arm around Vicki's shoulders.

"Steven said he usually waits to kiss until he knows them a little better, so it depends. I think he and Angela kissed on their second date, but they'd gone through grade-school together and were the 'high-school romance' thing, so he knew her already. I don't think he and Jennifer kissed at all before they broke up. She was kinda mean, and I think that was why he broke it off. Why he started dating her to begin with... I have no idea."

Wil chuckled. "A guy thing."

"Probably," Vicki giggled. Then she gave a shrug and wrapped her arms around him. "Anyway, I'm not going to worry about it. I really like you. I trust you. So..." She gave him a tight hug. "I'm not going to worry about it."

Wil remained silent, his thumb the only thing making even a slight sound as it stroked the soft material of her lavender sweater.

Vicki softly smiled and then yawned. "I better go to sleep," she informed, pulling back and then pushing herself off the railing. When she turned to face Wil, he had crossed his arms and was staring thoughtfully at the toes of his dress shoes. "Wil..." She stepped forward and rested her hands on his arms, drawing his focus. "Wil, don't worry about it. Please?"

"I won't," he said in a serious tone, "I was just wondering if 'Can I kiss you good-night?' is a good enough way to ask."

Vicki didn't know whether to giggle or gasp in surprise, so all she did was blink at him and say, "Oh."

Then he straightened and took her hands in his, smiling that 'charm itself' smile as he asked, "So, can I give you your first kiss?" in a voice that had her stomach filled to overflowing with butterflies.

...kiss? Vicki very slightly nodded her head, her blue eyes wide as they held his green ones. ...kiss... Wil?

"Just close your eyes," he said quietly.

Again, she absently nodded her head while doing as requested, trying to remind herself to breathe and relax while wondering if she was going to giggle right when he kissed her and embarrass herself to death.

Wil very gently tilted and lifted her head, a finger under her chin causing the motion and making her flush so red that she was sure she'd burn him- Then he touched her lips with his, giving a tender increase in pressure that lingered for moments too long to count. The warmth and softness of it couldn't be described. Vicki didn't even know how to describe how it made her feel. She only knew that this first kiss had to have been the loveliest and most romantic touch ever.

Wil pulled slowly back, the action in itself almost like another kiss, and then whispered, "...whoa."

Vicki giggled, her eyes flashing open and both hands going swiftly to cover her face, with the exception of her eyes. Those couldn't look away from Wil's shocked expression.

He stepped back from her as he swallowed hard. "W-Whoa," he said again.

The first 'whoa' had been grand enough. The second had her seeing stars.

Wil pointed at her. "I... I thought you'd never..." Then he once more swallowed as he lowered his hand. "Whoa."

"Stop it," she complained, her voice muffled by her hands.

Clearing his throat, Wil's mischievous smile tilted his lips upward as he motioned behind him to the Chevelle. "I better go, before I get myself into big trouble."

Vicki only nodded, not wanting to risk lowering her hands for fear her cheeks would burst into flame.

He reached out to touch her elbow and then immediately stepped back, still smiling. "Good night."

Her eyes only crinkled at the corners as she smiled behind her hands.

Wil took another step back, nearly falling down the stairs. Vicki rushed forward, her hands' duty of hiding the blush forgotten as she said, "Wil, be careful!"

"I'm okay, I'm okay," he assured hurriedly, face red as he backed up another step. Then he pointed. "You just stay there on the porch."

Her smile returned and she nodded, sitting on the specified top step and crossing her arms across her knees. "Okay."

"So, you'll come by tomorrow?" he asked, his voice and expression hopeful as he took yet more steps down the brickwork walk, hands stuffed into his jacket pockets.

Vicki nodded. "A roast beef sandwich with cheese sauce, and some sugar cookies."

Wil's step halted. "Whoa. I love sugar cookies."

Giggling, she said. "I know, silly," and pointed to the car. "You've only got 10 minutes to get home."

The boyish smile brightened his face. "Right. Forgot." Another few steps back. "So, I'll see you tomorrow then."

She nodded, fighting back the silly laugh that would have made both her and Wil turn thirteen shades of red. "Yep. Tomorrow."

"Okay. Cool." Wil backed into his car, laughed and pointed at it while informing, "Car," which made Vicki laugh as well. Then he hurried around to his side, opening the door and pausing long enough to lift a hand and say, "Good night, Kiki."

Her expression softened. "Good night, Willem. Drive careful."

He grinned and sat behind the wheel, starting the car and backing out of the driveway. He leaned across the seat and called, "Good night!" one more time before putting it into gear and driving away.

Vicki smiled dreamily after him, whispering, "Good night," as she very gently touched her lips.


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