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The Question of Spooky Doom
always, loved

Wil absently tapped his thumb against the steering wheel of the Chevelle Malibu as he stared at the large white house. Davis, you can't put it off any more. If you don't ask, he probably will! Clearing his throat, he gave the steering wheel a brief grip and then opened the door. He straightened his letterman jacket, green eyes again focused on the wide front door of the Modine house. Once he came around the car, he stopped at the foot of the brickwork path. Come on, Davis. Wil gave a curt nod and stepped forward up the walk, reaching out to press the doorbell just as the door opened and Vicki stepped out.

She smiled brightly as she closed the door behind her. "Hi, Wil. I didn't know you were coming by."

Wil returned her smile. "I had to talk to you about something. Do you have a minute?"

"Sure. Is everything okay? Cora's not having nightmare's again, is she?"

"No, no. Nothing like that." He gestured down the path with a tilt of his head, still smiling to try and get the concerned look off her face. "Come on. Let's walk."

"O-Okay." She peeked her head back inside. "Mom! Wil and I are going to walk around!" Then she closed the door and sent him a somewhat uncertain smile.

He chuckled. "Chill, Kiki. Nothing's wrong. I just need to ask you something."

Vicki fell into step beside him. "I know. The past few months have made me a little paranoid, I guess."

Wil studied her profile as she watched the ground at their feet, absently worrying her lower lip. "Yeah. No kidding," he agreed quietly.

Finding out her sister and best-friend was only a half-sister; helping Cora through a rape and the mental abuse; helping him become a Christian even though he fought her every step of the way; standing up for herself in a new town against all that his ex had tried. Yeah, she had a good reason to be paranoid.

Wrapping an arm around her shoulders, he gave her a squeeze. "Don't be paranoid about this, Vicki. It really isn't bad." At least, he hoped it wasn't.

With a quiet giggle, Vicki nodded and met his gaze. "Okay. So what did you need to ask me?"

Ears and face flaming, Wil lowered his arm from around her shoulders and motioned to the park bench in the soccer field across the way. "Let's sit over there."

Vicki sent him several sidelong glances as they crossed the street and sat on the bench. Then, instead of looking at him, she picked at her jeans and/or fingernails.

Wil cleared his throat as he sat. "Vicki..."


"I, uh..." Wil cleared his throat again, scrubbing at his neck as he tried to find a non-idiotic way to ask this particular question. It doesn't matter how stupid you sound, you moron! Just ask her! "Vicki, I was wondering if... well..." He felt her look over at him but continued looking down at his hands. "I was wondering if you'd be okay with being," Here it comes, "my girlfriend," and it still sounds stupid. Wil almost sighed. "You know. Exclusive?" He sent her a quick glance, noticing the blank look on her face with an inward moan. Aw crap.

Vicki finally blinked. "...what did you say?" she asked, her voice a whisper.

Say it again? Aw geez... Wil cleared his throat. "I wondered if... um... Well, I want to date." That's it. There is no cool way to ask, he decided. Releasing a slight breath, Wil shrugged out of his letterman jacket and then faced her to offer it forward. Vicki stared down at it. "You've been a great friend, Vicki, but I... erm... That is... I want to be more than that. I want us to be more than that. So... Will you be my girlfriend?"

She very slowly looked up, her blue eyes wider than he had ever seen them. Then she almost hesitantly pointed at him. "Y-You..." and then herself, "...m-me...?"

Wil couldn't help but smile. "Yeah. You and me."

Vicki blinked again before lowering her gaze to the letterman jacket now in her lap. Her one hand absently stroked the green fabric. "I..." Her hand stopped and she looked up again. This time her blue eyes glimmered.

"Aw man," Wil said suddenly, his hands lifted and pushing toward her in a motion of comfort. "Don't cry. You only have to say 'yes' or 'no'. There's no crying. Jocks don't do crying."

Vicki choked out a laugh the same time she lifted a hand to shield her mouth.

Wil smiled again. "Whew. That's better." She didn't look away, and neither could Wil. Not with how the tears made the blue of her eyes darker than ever. She has great eyes...

Cheeks flushing, Vicki finally lowered her gaze to the jacket. After another silent moment, she slipped it on and snuggled into it, taking in a deep breath with eyes closed.

Wil could feel his ears and face burn an even darker red, but he couldn't help but watch her do it. Whoa... No girl had ever done that before. Well, not exactly like that.

Then Vicki opened her eyes and met his, smiling before saying, "Yes," in a voice so quiet he almost thought he didn't hear. He would have humiliated himself and asked 'Really?', but he didn't get a chance. She faced forward and moved closer, pushing her hand out of the too-long sleeve to gather up his and once more say "Yes," a little louder.

Wil stared down at their hands for a full minute before it really sunk in. Then he smiled and gave her hand a squeeze as he also faced forward, just sitting there with her in a position that he'd been in so much during their friendship that it was like the bench was theirs. He hadn't ever 'just sat' with a girlfriend before. But with Vicki he did a lot of things he'd never done. Like be who he was.

Once again focusing on their joined hands, still smiling, he said, "Cool."

Vicki softly giggled.

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